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SAP give BI System Builders access to SAP BI 4.0 – Archive 2011

SAP have provided BI System Builders access to the new SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform known as BI 4.0 to further build out their BI System Builders customer demo live BI system.   BI 4.0 succeeds the SAP BusinessObjects  XI 3.1 release. We will be installing configuring and migrating our content to BI 4.0 over the coming days.

BI System Builders will be making numerous posts on the BI 4.0 BI Platform. You can subscribe to our free news feed and receive our articles as they are published at

Here are two BI 4.0 videos from SAP to get you started, the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.0 and Dashboards.

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