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Metadata Manager

SAP BusinessObjects Metadata Manager is used with SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator. Metadata Manager collates and unifies Business Intelligence data including ETL packages and third-party metadata. Using a Web interface and pre-built metadata reports users can easily view and analyze metadata through the Organization. The pre-built reports provide information on data usage, end-to-end change impact analysis, and report-to-source data lineage. Metadata Manager is a tool intrinsic to Trusted BI helping to deliver trusted data for compliance requirements and internal controls.

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Russell Beech BSc (Hons), MSc, DipM, MCIM

Biography – Russell Beech, Founder of BI System Builders & Cornerstone Solution®

I architect data solutions and superintend the solutions that I architect. I build teams that are usually a mix of full-time employees and sub-contractors. I ensure mentoring and knowledge transfer. The emergence of big data has opened the door to a rise in interest in predictive analytics aka machine learning. For me the technology changes have provided the opportunity to architect data solutions which combine my enterprise data warehousing experience with data lake concepts and to apply my knowledge of statistics to that data to deliver predictive analytics. To that end I’m putting work into understanding how the evolving technologies hook in to each other. I have a focused interest in learning about big data technologies such as Hadoop, Hive, GCP BigQuery and machine learning and their integration/virtualization with the enterprise data warehouse.

You can find me on LinkedIn here and subscribe to watch BI System Builders videos on our YouTube channel here.