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Xcelsius Dashboards

Xcelsius provides visually impressive and interactive presentations. Xcelsius is a powerful presentation tool that bridges the gap between static spreadsheets and the need for visual, interactive presentations.

Xcelsius software illuminates the business by providing consolidated views of key metrics, making it possible to answer business questions at-a-glance. It allows users to interact with their data with what-if scenarios and other visual components.

With Xcelsius, the user can create dashboards for personal use – Xcelsius provides the power to transform complex data into a comprehensive dashboard created from Microsoft Excel or a live data source. The dashboard can then be exported to a familiar format – Microsoft Office, Flash (SWF) files, Adobe PDF, and Adobe Air. 

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Dashboard Builder

Business Objects Dashboard Builder provides dashboard layout and interactive visual analytic capabilities to help your organizations gain a quick view of your business performance. It is based on the previous Dashboard Manager product, but without the metrics engine, rules engine, or alerting capabilities.

Dashboard Builder provides:

  • Flexible templates
  • Drag-and-drop dashboard creation
  • The ability to integrate reports and report parts from Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence, as well as Voyager and Xcelsius
  • Universe-based analytics for display inside dashboards