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BusinessObjects Web Intelligence in Under 3 Minutes

Web Intelligence in Under 3 Minutes

So what is Web Intelligence and what can it do? We’ve created a short video of a live Web Intelligence demo. The video covers creating a new query, a table, a pie chart, a cross-tabulation, a calculation within a variable and an alert, drilling on a chart and then down through a product hierarchy in a table, finishing by creating a section.

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SAP BusinessObjects Explorer (aka Polestar)

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is an exciting Business Intelligence data discovery tool. We’ve created a short live demo video entitled Fast Executive Data with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. The Explorer tool is excellent for non-technical business managers that want to gain insight into their data. The data made available for analysis is provided via a SAP BusinessObjects universe.  The universe can be based on SAP BW or relational data platforms such as MS SQLServer. Features include Google style key word searches on your BI data and data slicing.

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is currently available in two flavours. The first is as an add-on to SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise and the second is packaged with BWA on a blade.

The pre-requisite for analysis is for a Space Creator to set up an Information Space based on a SAP BusinessObjects universe and then index the data.  This is not a complex task.  Once this is done the business user can immediately find data insights. You can see this in operation in our live demo video below.

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SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI

To fully leverage your BI System you should utilise a fully featured BI platform. This post is about the SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI platform.

When BusinessObjects acquired Crystal Decisions back in 2003 BusinessObjects took full advantage of the Crystal Business Intelligence platform which became known as BusinessObjects Enterprise. The first external release of the combined code lines was version 11, known as XI in Roman numerals (originally coined in marketing campaigns as Extreme Insight). BusinessObjects Enterprise XI is a very powerful scalable solution able to exploit distributed architecture. It has been designed with large organisations and hundreds of concurrent users in mind.

BusinessObjects Edge BI (now SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI) is the little sister of the full Enterprise XI version and has many of the same powerful features. However, it is not used across distributed architecture and is designed for a single machine deployment. This makes its licensing a very attractive, cost efficient BI solution perfect for midmarket organisations.

Furthermore, SAP BusinessObjects deliver it as a package with many value-added dashboarding and reporting tools such as Xcelsius Dashboarding, Web Intelligence, and Explorer. Many of the tools are described in our Technology section and on our Business Intelligence Platform page you will find many of the BI platform features explained.

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI comes packaged as several solutions but the basic Edge BI package is known as SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI, Standard Package.

Read more about SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI on the SAP website