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Business Intelligence Based Strategic Marketing

You can use our Cornerstone Solution ® to leverage your Strategic Marketing data.

Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably… Marketing as a process calls for management decisions on product, pricing, distribution, promotion and personal selling, and customer service. These elements are known as the ‘marketing mix’.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Business Intelligence Based Strategic Marketing Solutions

The marketing management process and the marketing mix can be complex. Effective marketing planning requires not only intelligence on customers but across a wide spectrum of areas such as product lifecycle and supply chain. The reality is that strategic marketers struggle to get information from diverse parts of the business for analysis and decision making in their plans.

The power of Business Intelligence is that it combines data from diverse areas of the business into a single version of the truth referred to as an enterprise data warehouse. Once this is achieved data can be combined and turned into information.

Our strategic marketing solution uses a generic but customizable strategic marketing plan template as its core. The plan comprises of two key components; analysis and decision. At each relevant stage of the plan the marketer can access reports that provide the latest data for that stage of the plan. As well as providing intelligence the solution gives the ability to plan, monitor and introduce contingency if veering off track.

Our best practice structure and accelerator templates will enable you to build out Business Analytics helping you to save time and money expediting your ability to engage your data as information.

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