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Customer Intelligence – Analytical & Operational CRM

SAP BusinessObjects Customer Intellilgence
You can use our Cornerstone Solution® to leverage your customer data for Analytical CRM purposes. From your SAP Business Intelligence Platform you can create Business Analytics such as the Sales Funnel. This Business Analytic can help you answer questions such as “How many customers do we move successfully through the sales funnel?” and “ Is there any particular phase where we fail to convert a customer to the next stage?”

SAP BusinessObjects Customer IntellilgenceYou can also gain valuable information on Sales manager, sales team, and account manager performance. You can monitor performance against agreed KPIs and metrics and identify the most profitable and most costly sales people. You can identify your most profitable deals, how much you have to invest in to an account to get the deal and what your profit is?

And because a Business Intelligence system allows you to join your company data together you can integrate your CRM sales data with your supply chain data to help balance supply and demand. A poor sales forecast that is pessimistic can lead to an under supply in the supply chain meaning that orders cannot be met in a timely fashion. This in turn can lead to cancelled customer orders and brand credibility erosion. Having to expedite orders through the supply chain can lead to increased costs. Conversely an over optimistic forecast can lead to excess inventory being held.

Your sales force can also benefit from SAP BusinessObjects Mobile which will allow them to check inventory levels on their smart phones via your Business Intelligence Platform whilst they are on the road or at customer site.

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