BI Solution Architecture

The BI Architecture System from BISB should be procured in the case of a greenfield program, or if Solution Architecture is missing, or where help is needed to understand how to achieve the Solution Architecture. The BI Architecture System from BISB is a set of subsystems belonging to the full Cornerstone Solution® but it can be purchased and deployed independently of the full system. BI Solution Architecture involves far more than just understanding a technology product stack and as its name suggests it is by nature a solution encompassing Business, Information, Application, Infrastructure, Data, Integration, and Service Architectures.

For more information on the The Cornerstone Solution® or any of its subsystems you can reach BISB via the contact page here.

In the video below Russell Beech provides a walk through of Business Intelligence Solution Architecture. Deploying BISB’s BI Architecture subsystems will make your Business Intelligence initiatives successful though the deployment of process, know how and governance.

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