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Business Intelligence – Your Cornerstone Solution ®

What Business Benefits will I realise through implementing Cornerstone Solutions®?

You will minimise the risk of your BI System being sub-optimal. You will realise business benefits such as:

  • Get valuable data insight for decision making
  • Gain a ‘joined up’ view of your company data
  • Leverage business process areas together
  • Turn your raw data into usable information
  • Share information across your business
  • Realise clean quality assured data
  • Get ad hoc reporting, dashboarding and much more

Why ‘Cornerstone’?

A cornerstone is the stone that forms the base of a corner of a building that joins two walls. It is the first stone to be laid down and on which everything else is built. The cornerstone in the Business Intelligence System is the Business Intelligence platform. Everything is built out from this platform. However, the cornerstone itself is not a solution. Solutions are ‘acts’ or ‘ways’ to answer problems. Cornerstone Solutions® are a set of Business Intelligence Services that are applied to help the organisation solve its business problems through best use of its ‘cornerstone’ SAP Business Intelligence Platform.

What is a Cornerstone Solution®?

A Cornerstone Solution® is a strategic Business Intelligence delivery model innovated by BI System Builders (BISB). It consists of the cornerstone (the Business Intelligence platform) and a set of Business Intelligence Services. A full set of Business Intelligence Services form a full Business Intelligence Solution known as an End to End BI solution. Cornerstone Solutions® are End to End BI solutions.

They consist of four components. These are BI Platform Integration, Clean Data & Content Delivery, Business Analytics, and the Business Intelligence Competency Centre.

BI Platform Integration

If you’re a SAP Netweaver customer you may be looking to expand your Business Intelligence capability beyond your current BEx Query scope. We can help your SAP Netweaver/ SAP Business Objects integration become a success and open up the world of Self-service BI. Integration refers to the installation and configuration of your Business Intelligence platform followed by its integration with your SAP system. We also carry out integration with source systems and data warehouses based on other platforms such as Oracle or MS SQLServer.

Clean Data & Content Delivery

This is the development of the content behind your Business Analytics such as your data model, SAP InfoProviders, and universes. If you are new to Business Intelligence we can also assist you by undertaking business analysis and dimensional modelling exercises to achieve the delivery.

Business Analytics

You will realise the benefit of highly valuable Business Analytics that use clean, quality assured, joined up data.

Business Intelligence Competency Centre

Most clients will want to protect and grow their Business Intelligence investment by establishing a Centre of Excellence (CoE) often referred to as a Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC). We have advised large global companies on BICC strategy and process. The BICC is the optimum way to role our and maintain your Business Intelligence initiative.

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